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August 24, 25 & 26, 2018

Busking Stage

The ‘busking stage’ is an all acoustic stage and will offer amateurs and professionals the opportunity to play in an intimate setting for tips. Scheduled performers will receive free admission to all three days of the Festival. Sign ups are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Busking Barn Schedule

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Friday, August 24

1:00–1:30 PM Boe Harbison Tribute (OPEN JAM)
1:30–2:00 PM Mick Hoefferle
2:05–2:35 PM Laura Burke
2:40–3:10 PM OPEN JAM
3:15–3:45 PM Gary Lukkari
3:50–4:20 PM From The Woods
4:25–4:55 PM Todd Swanson
5:00–5:30 PM Pam Metivier, Kaitlyn Keranen, and Haley
5:35–6:05 PM Steve Miller
6:10–6:40 PM The Williamson Duo
6:45–7:20 PM OPEN JAM
7:30–8:15 PM The Talbott Brothers (Headliner)

Saturday, August 25

11:30 AM–12:00 PM Boe Harbison Tribute (OPEN JAM)
12:05–12:35 PM Del and Tre Hopper
12:40–1:10 PM Ryan Neely
1:15–1:45 PM NeverLund
1:50–2:20 PM Jackie McMullen and Monica Smart
2:25–2:55 PM OPEN JAM
3:00–3:30 PM Tim Kieffer and Jim Palzewicz
3:35–4:05 PM Jerry Goodreau
4:10–4:40 PM Mud Creek Warblers
4:45–5:15 PM John Davey
5:20–5:50 PM Steve McCormick
5:55–6:25 PM Wailing Loons
6:30–7:00 PM OPEN JAM
7:05–7:35 PM Thomas Jackman
7:40–8:10 PM My Unknown Brother
8:15–8:45 PM Cherie Griffith

Sunday, August 26

11:00 AM–12:00 PM Boe Harbison Tribute (OPEN JAM)
12:05–12:35 PM Steve & Grace Ryan
12:40–1:10 PM Miller Time (Miller Family)
1:15–1:45 PM Yvonne Blake
1:50–2:20 PM The Brass Keys
2:25–2:55 PM Henry Menigoz
3:00–3:30 PM Local Tony and The Ambassadors
3:40–4:20 PM Shari Kane and Dave Steele (Headliner)

Chalet Stage Schedule

Friday, August 24

1:30–2:00 PM Dennis Phillips
3:00–3:30 PM Daphne Maki
4:00–4:45 PM The Barefoot Movement - Writing/arranging songs group workshop
6:00–6:30 PM Jack Jolliff
7:30–8:30 PM Anna Jo Banjo

Saturday, August 25

11:45 AM–12:30 PM Ryan Peterson - Looper workshop
1:30–2:00 PM Leo Siren
3:00–3:30 PM Ryan Peterson
4:30–5:00 PM Eric Hopper
6:00–6:45 PM Donna the Buffalo - Q and A workshop
7:30–8:00 PM Jared Kay

Sunday, August 26

11:00–11:30 AM Yvonne Blake
3:30–4:00 PM Alex Dembraski with Thomas Jackman

For more information regarding the music festival, including how to volunteer or purchase tickets visit www.porkiesfestival.org.