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August 28, 29, 30 2009

2009 Artists

Cadillac Sky - "Original", "innovative", "fearless", "ambitious", "propulsive", "a marvel of emotion and razor sharp focus"....these are the words of those that have had a chance to hear the sound that for the past several years has been reverberating out of Texas from one of American music's most compelling bands, Cadillac Sky. Their music has been coined everything from "experimental acoustic music" to "psychobilly bluegrass. Belying their bluegrass instrumentation that imitates that of the original "Bluegrass Boys", their music looks as much to Radiohead and the Beatles for inspiration as it does to Bill Monroe. Songs penned by C-Sky's Bryan Simpson have turned up on two new releases...Blake Shelton's "Startin' Fires" and Billy Currington's "Little Bit of Everything". The song on Blake's CD is called "I'll just hold on" and the one on Billy's is called "Walk On".

The 14 original songs, all written by the band, on their stellar sophomore release for Skaggs Family Records, "Gravity's Our Enemy", embody this ideal. David Mayfield, whose guitar playing and vocals have shared the stage with such musical luminaries as The Avett Brothers and The Black Keys, and whose stage persona is perhaps quantified best as a poetic-demolition derby, the band has pushed past the boiling point. Cadillac Sky is a musical unit that strives with every note recorded, every show performed, to create moments that will be remembered and music that will last.

The Clumsy Lovers - This happy-go-lucky Vancouver quintet expertly walk the tightrope between tradition-minded roots music ("Raging bluegrass Celtic rock," a reviewer once said) and sparkling modern pop. The band has long felt at home on any stage, whether in front of 50 raucous patrons at a roadhouse or thousands of music-lovers at a festival or concert hall.

Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams - The Circus emerged from the misty hills of Sleepy Hollow, New York in 1988 and exploded upon the Hudson Valley music scene with their stunning self-produced debut release, "A Good Thief Tips His Hat". The quirky quartet then began touring and rapidly developed a loyal following. Featured recently in Relix Magazine, the New York Times and on the CBS hit show, Joan of Arcadia. The music of Slambovia has been described as "Hillbilly-Floyd, folk-pop", "alt-country roots-rock, and "surreal Americana". Dancing freely between existing religious and philosophical mythologies, their music is uplifting, empowering and fun. Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams ... Their music can "Heal what ails ya"!

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics - Deke Dickerson is one of America’s musical treasures headlining festivals from Las Vegas to Finland. Well known for his regular column in Guitar Player magazine, Deke recently authored two enormous essay projects for Bear Family’s 2007 Merle Haggard box sets. He partnered with Hallmark Guitars to produce the Deke Dickerson model guitar, as unique in its design as its namesake. Deke has recorded songs that have been featured in a variety of movies, TV shows, and radio programs; from the Oscar-winning movie Sideways to HBO’s documentary Dirty Driving; Thundercars of Indiana and the hugely popular XM satellite radio show Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan. For this last, Deke not only contributed background guitar music but was also interviewed and quoted by Bob Dylan.

Deke formed Untamed Youth at age 17 in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri: the legendary surf-garage band that has released a total of eight full-length albums. In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles and joined Dave Stuckey to form the Dave & Deke Combo, a partnership that yielded two albums and a much-touted 2005 reunion at major rockabilly festivals. Embarking on a solo career in 1997, Deke was immediately signed to HighTone Records and released three albums for the label, touring nationally as a solo act and as an opening band for Cake, Mike Ness, and the Reverend Horton Heat (who has written on his website: "Deke Dickerson is the best rockabilly guitarist in the world!").

In recent years Deke has also toured nationally as lead singer for the legendary instrumental band Los Straitjackets and with the great western guitar-and-steel-guitar duo Biller & Wakefield. On his many recordings, he has had guests as diverse as the doo-wop group the Calvanes and punk guitar legend Billy Zoom. Deke plays an average of 225 shows every year throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Pieta Brown - Pieta Brown leans towards the reclusive and private life of being an artist. In her bare-bones early upbringing in Iowa there was no furnace, plumbing or running water. There, Pieta was exposed to traditional and rural folk music through her father, Greg Brown, the now beloved Midwestern folk singer. Later, while living with her mother in Alabama during her formative years, Pieta drew on and expanded these influences and began writing poetry and composing instrumental songs on piano. By the time she left home at 18, Pieta had lived in at least 17 different houses and apartments between Iowa and Alabama.

Staying true to the disjointed lifestyle of her childhood she wandered from the West Coast to the East. She is unmistakably "a songwriter of great depth," as Indie911.com recently noted. On the sublime ‘Remember The Sun’ (One Little Indian Records), Pieta Brown continued to ride the upward arc begun with her eponymous debut in 2002 and extended by 2005’s critically acclaimed ‘In the Cool’. 'Remember The Sun' landed at #2 on music critic Michael Ross’ list for the Village Voice’s 35th Annual Critic’s Poll, and the Wall Street Journal included it in their list of the best of 2007. This enigmatic Midwesterner has also recently released a new EP, entitled "Flight Time", which has already landed on critic’s lists. Today, Pieta Brown stays focused on her original intention: "Long before I ever put a recording out there for somebody else to hear, my aim was to be a great artist, and that’s what I’ll always be going after. All my life, I’ve been close to writing and music and all kinds of art...and that closeness continues to drive me."

Caravan of Thieves - Who are these Thieves? Stretching the parameters of acoustic swing, Caravan of Thieves has been winning immediate praise for their new and unique brand of gypsy flavored song writing and their high intensity show. The vocal harmonizing, acoustic guitar spanking husband and wife duo Fuzz and Carrie have extended their family to include fiery violinist Ben Dean and double bass madman, Brian Anderson, to complete their colorful vision. Seeking inspiration from beyond the great divide, the quartet produces layers of Beatlesque vocals, driving rhythms, satirical, dramatic song writing and an overall circus of sound.

Seth Bernard and Daisy May (singer-songwriter duo) - Two Michigan favorites, Seth Bernard and Daisy May Erlewine, are well-known to audiences as single acts. Seth grew up surrounded by gardens, goats and stringed instruments just outside Lake City. He traveled around as a storyteller, point guard, sax player or singer/guitar player in bands with names like "Freesoil", "King Lear and the Gothic Monks" or "the Pagoda Trees". Seth recorded his first album at his guitar teacher's home studio. Born into a family of musicians, May Erlewine has been playing music all her life. She paid her singer-songwriter dues in her late teens with several years of hitchhiking back and forth across the U.S., always writing and playing her music. Now with four CDs to her name, May works a variety of venues, focusing on the Midwest and her home state of Michigan. Her inspired lyrics and powerful voice have a sweetness that delights audiences. In 2006 Seth and Daisy released their first duo album, recorded in the historic Calumet Theater. April of 2007, the duo placed third in A Prairie Home Companion People In (their) Twenties Talent Show, out of 740 entries.

Drew Nelson - Every generation has its poets; the writers, musicians, and lyricists who capture the spirit and longings of their time. Those who give expression to our own personal memories and dreams as though they know us. They tell our stories, giving us the words we need to celebrate or let go. That is the soil in which singer/songwriter Drew Nelson has been toiling.

Drew grew up in Michigan, but escaped the narrow confines of his small-town, Midwestern upbringing by joining the Navy and traveling the world. He was able to see first-hand what was really happening in the world, and come home with fresh eyes to appreciate the realities of life in America. These experiences provided insight and understanding that have found an outlet in songs filled with discovery, revelation, and hope. Legendary songwriter John Gorka said "Drew's songs sound like the rest of us feel. His characters are anything but defeated. They are dazed, angry, amazed and climbing." Drew Nelson's latest album, "Dusty Road to Beulah Land" (pronounced (be-u-la) marks a notable growth in his standing as a songwriter and musician. Each song brings another side of Drew to the forefront, expanding beyond his folk-singer roots to embrace wider genres. Nelson has just finished making his first guitar, and hopes to start a tradition of building and signing one a year to auction off for charity. In addition to giving back to us through his music, Nelson is involved in many community-based efforts to educate the next generation and make our world a better place to live. He lives what he writes.

Charlie Parr - Charlie Parr of Duluth, Minnesota plays original and traditional folk and Piedmont-style blues, accompanying himself on National resonator guitars, 12-string guitar and banjo. Parr was raised in Austin, Minn, in a household that prized traditional American folk music and his style bears the influence of hours spent listening to country blues records and Smithsonian/Folkways field recordings. Charlie has performed publicly since 1988 and he has shared stages and opened concerts for Haley Bonar, The Black-Eyed Snakes, Baby Grant Johnson, Dan Rumsey, Paul Metsa, Dakota Dave Hull, Cam Waters, Bob Brozman, Catfish Keith and Greg Brown.

Reverend Eddie Danger - Dangergrass - Described as “Cosmic Folk with a Tribal Twist of Jazz” or simply “Feel Good Music”. A One-Man Band playing over 25 instruments. The lyrics are word-heavy stories with an underlying message usually about political or environmental justice, Metaphysical epiphanies or frustrations and blowing off the suburban teen angst, bad love, & trashy rap star negative vibe mentality saturating today’s music. “I have bad days like anyone else. I just make a conscious effort in my songwriting to focus on the positive. Even my sad songs tend to see the light through the clouds.” –Ed Danger

Green Tea - By mixing Celtic roots with rock, pop, folk, jazz, and funk, Green Tea has built a new generation of Celtic music. With players originating from New York, Washington, Wisconsin, and Illinois, this Wisconsin-based group has made a name for themselves in the Midwest and continue to astonish audiences with their dynamic and high-energy shows. The group recently supported Rusted Root at the Rave/Eagles Club - Milwaukee; performed at the Green Bay Packers 2008 Tailgate Tour; performed at the world’s largest Irish Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, in 2006 & 2007; and headlined Wisconsin’s largest St. Patty’s Fest, New Dublin Irish Fest in 2008 (in front of over 3,000 fans). This group is a smash hit at colleges too! Plus, flute/whistle player John Coletta is one of the best "hands" players in the world. You have to see it to believe it!

Carolyn Striho w/Scott Dailey & Jason Schaller - Described by the All-Music Guide as writing songs "from the silver edge of midnight", Carolyn Striho simply has to be seen performing to be fully understood. A life-long Detroiter and citizen of the world, not only do her songs convey strength, power, dreams and optimism, she portrays her stories with action with her voice, keyboard/piano and acoustic guitar playing. Carolyn uses her vocals and body to portray and express love, poetry, desire, prayer, faith, and especially guides us to understand that we all matter and to never give up. Carolyn has a storied Detroit history, playing with many well-known musical greats way too numerous to say in a paragraph.

With influences from Bela Bartok to Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, Emmylou Harris, Bob Marley, Ani di Franco, Joni Mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Iggy Pop and Judy Garland - Carolyn’s pop and hard folk music is coupled with a punk-cabaret and enthusiastic high-wire stage show. With 7 (seven) Detroit Music Award nominations this year, Carolyn is poised to release her new album/CD this summer, 2009 with a remarkable band. Featuring hot Detroit Music Award nominee guitarist extraordinaire Scott Dailey, coupled with the great guitar stylings of Jason Schaller, percussionist Ron Wolf has joined up with others onstage. Carolyn has been a Detroit legend for some time and her basic philosophy of poetry, unity, strength, hope, desire and warmth transcends genre, time, space and decade. Yes, she’s done much work with Patti Smith, Luis Resto of Eminem fame and David McMurray of Kem and Kid Rock fame in the past, but Carolyn Striho’s captivating songs and work stand on their own. This is Carolyn Striho’s time – today!

Squeaky Clean Cretins - The Squeaky Clean Cretins call the Lake Superior country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula home. If you listen just right, you might hear the rolling waves of the Big Lake woven intricately into the fabric of their songs. The Cretins adhere to the deep roots of folk tradition while adding a contemporary spin to their songwriting. Although it’s hard to stamp a label on this band due to their ability to take the music in a multitude of directions, the vibe of the band can be described as indie/americana/folk-rock. They definitely have a niche for combining beautifully crafted melodies with blended harmony vocals and infectious guitar riffs. Their eclectic songwriting style runs the gamut from pertinent and socially aware to carefree hook-inspired jams that move crowds to their feet. Words such as "playful", "joyous" and "surprising" are often used to describe the band. Their music is highly original, rich and heartfelt. Their stage presence is undeniable.

Dave Boutette - That special intimacy that only comes from sharing firelight is where Dave Boutette shines. Songs of highway hijinks and wildcat oil drillers in the Michigan woods are as likely to be heard as old favorites that have been in your head and heart for years. For Boutette, it’s the sharing of songs that holds all the magic. Whether banging out a set of saloon songs at a Michigan watering hole, or settling back for an evening of singing at a fire ring afterward, Dave Boutette will hold his listeners as long as they keep the lights on or until the rain starts. Stories, advice, observations, or raffles are as apt to appear during a performance as are his songs. Blending many schools of American roots and popular music including folk, blues, swing, and old time country, his songs testify to the power of true love, rebirth, snow plows, and migrating fish. If you get the chance, stand next to Dave. Beside feeling taller than you actually are, you may start to see some things in an entirely new light.

Laurel Premo - Laurel Premo shares a music full of life that draws from Appalachian, Scandinavian, and Blues roots. From haunting old ballads to feverish instrumental compositions, her music is made for all ears. Laurel began her musical career at age 7 with the folk and traditional group White Water, and performed about 70 concerts each year, including venues such as The Ark in Ann Arbor Michigan, and the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland. Drawing inspiration from those roots, Laurel now performs as a solo artist, and as an integral member of other ensembles. She composes for many of her instruments, as well as writes songs with lyrics that reflect an open and insightful view of the world. As a student in the Performing Arts Technology Dept. of the University of Michigan School of Music, Laurel works with digital audio in composition and recording, and studies art. In fall of 2008, she studied Finnish traditional music at the Dept. of Folk Music at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland.

Cadillac vs. Cornbread - Cadillac & Cornbread may seem an unlikely collaboration. Cornbread Harris, an 81-year-old piano legend, performed on Minneapolis' first rock n' roll record: "Hi-Ho Silver" with Augie Garcia in 1955. In over the past 60 years Cornbread has played at nearly every venue in the Twin Cities and has shared the stage with many talented musicians such as Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Archie Bleyer. A godfather of the Minneapolis sound, he not only is Jimmy Jam's father but taught Morris Day and the Time along with Prince. Currently he has teamed up with Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats, a Minneapolis American roots trio who strive to keep the rich West Bank music tradition alive, made famous by the likes of John Koerner, Willie Murphy and Bob Dylan. Cadillac Kolstad and The Flats formed in early 2007 and has since performed over 200 shows a year including music festivals, radio shows and television programs. Combining Cadillac Kolstad's pounding boogie-woogie piano with Chad "Auggie" Augustine slapping on the doghouse bass backed by Johann Swenson's finesse on the marching snare, the band takes on a fresh approach to classic American dance music. They released their self-titled album in the summer of 2007 and are currently working on a live at Palmer's album set to be released 2009 along with an upcoming video documentary about their collaboration with Cornbread. Cadillac Kolstad and The Flats' dedication to authenticity goes beyond their vintage suits and pompadours, to bringing an acoustic piano, hauling it behind their 1964 Cadillac.

Kitty Donohoe - Songwriter and Michigan Emmy recipient Kitty Donohoe is not an Irish or Celtic singer, but she clearly draws from that part of her heritage, as well as her American roots, as an artist. A writer of tunes as well as songs, her originals are rich with her natural sense as a storyteller, her love for language and her ear for a melody. Kitty’s striking voice carries it all, delivering each song with power and emotion. Each of Kitty’s CDs has garnered rave reviews for everything from her three-octave voice ("rich, flexible, soaring, haunting" says Victory Music Review), to her instrumental prowess on guitar, cittern and piano ("gifted multi-instrumentalist", Champlain Valley News) to the songs themselves, ("intelligent, literate songwriting", Tweeddale Press, Ltd.).

Kitty grew up outside of Detroit in a large, Irish American family of avid readers. Kitty began "making up" songs at an early age, and by high school she was playing guitar and writing and performing her own material at open mic nights and small coffee houses. At nineteen Kitty left home for Nova Scotia and discovered traditional Maritime music. The intricate turns and phrasings of the style felt natural to her, and upon returning to Michigan, she moved to the Corktown (Irish settlement) area of Detroit, just one block from the Gaelic League, which featured touring Irish bands 7 nights a week, and she absorbed every second of it. From there, Kitty began supporting herself primarily by performing at small folk clubs and bars and releasing her first album, "Farmer in Florida", (Roheen Records) in 1986. In the early 90’s (after the release of "As Sparks Fly Upward") she stepped back a bit to spend more time raising her family and to take a breather. She began touring and concentrating on concert work in the mid-90’s, and since her move to Ann Arbor in 2001 Kitty has released two CDs and is currently doing the research for an Irish American project.

Hamell On Trial - New York, singer/songwriter, joke-telling Hamell On Trial defies all musical categories. "Punk acoustic" and "anti-folk" come close. On stage his raw, bold energy has Rolling Stone magazine calling him a "homicidal Otto Preminger." On more than one occasion, opening act Hamell On Trial sent the headliner band, with all its Marshall amplifiers and Les Paul guitars, running for cover. "I'm a rock and roll show. Period," Hamell says. Prior to a debilitating car accident in May 2000, Hamell On Trial toured consistently, impressing audiences from New York to Los Angeles, and logging more than 250 one-night performances each year. Now fully recovered from his head and spine injuries, Hamell is back on the road (albeit more judiciously) and recently completed a sold-out East Coast tour with Ani DiFranco. With his battered 1937 small-body Gibson, Hamell checks the pulse of the nation and gives it to us straight. And we're glad he does.

Conga Se Menne - The musical style of Marquette, Michigan's Conga Se Menne is impossible to pigeon hole, running the gamut of Blues, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Rock, Caribbean beats and ethnic Finnish sounds. Island beat percussion blends smoothly with mellifluos keyboards, sonorous horns and big shouldered guitar work - all mixing with an influence of traditional styles. While the lyrics are geared for fun, the quality of their sound is no laughing matter. DerrelSyria's original songs carry the flavor of Michigans Upper Peninsula in lyrical silliness and the spirit of its hearty residence in musical excellence. Conga Se Menne live and work along the chilly invigorating banks of Lake Superior and their mastery of melodic syncopation is second to none. Syria's soumalainnen background shows in his comedic themes, Finnish lyrics and the yooper-accented crooning so familiar to local fans. Most of the music tells of good times and an appreciation of the finer, intangible aspects of living life on it's own terms, of not taking themselves too seriously. While the message is light hearted and entertaining, the musical competence of these fine musicians cannot be disputed. In an era of media-controlled popular music, the music of Conga Se Menne is a refreshing respite for us all.

Yvonne Blake - Yvonne Blake of Ontonagon, Michigan, is a popular performer at various local events. She will sing soul gospel in a Sunday morning performance.

Brandon Scott Sellner - Guitarist Brandon Scott Sellner’s stinging licks may sound like he grew up in the nightclubs and after-hours juke joints of Austin, TX, but the fast-fingered performer originally hails from a small town of less than 5,000 called Sleepy Eye, MN. He plays a polished, blues-infused brand of electric guitar, heavily influenced by guys like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Sellner himself is more in the vein of John Mayer and Jonny Lang, with his catchy vocal hooks and sometimes-sensitive lyrics. Sellner, 25, has been sharpening his strong electric chops for about seven years now; in that time, he’s opened for Black Oak Arkansas, Walter Trout, Lamont Cranston, Susan Tedeschi, and more. Now making his home in St. Paul, MN, Sellner is currently at work on a second release and has been playing an extended string of shows during his recent trips in the South. He is also working to get his first album Brandon Scott Sellner re-released on a larger scale. This April, Sellner won the 2009 Minnesota Blues challenge and he advances to represent the State of Minnesota in the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis in 2010.

West of East - West of East is a mostly acoustic duo comprised of Sara Moilanen and Tim Suchocki, who's music borrows elements from Folk, Country, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock & Roll. They have had a successful early career playing and creating lasting impressions in the Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin area. Sara (vocals and guitar) has been involved in music, one way or another, for her whole life. It was in her early twenties however, that she began to discover her talents as a guitar player and songwriter, writing songs about all aspects of life and relationships. For nearly ten years she developed those talents while writing and performing music with the Peace Hill Musicians in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was once written in the Miami Herald that "Sara can sing the loneliness out of a Roy Orbison Song." As Tim developed as a lead guitar player he began to create additional layers and add textures to many of Sara’s existing songs. At this point they began performing and writing songs together. Inspired by a lyric written by Sara’s longtime friend and musical mentor, the late Boe Harbison, ("I asked someone where I might find peace, they said somewhere South and West of East, found by those who search the least…"). Sara and Tim began playing under the name "West of East."

David Mayfield - David Mayfield grew up in a musical household in Northeast Ohio, he began playing bass with his family band "One Way Rider" at the age of 12. By the time he turned 18, he had already won several awards for guitar & mandolin, recorded with Grammy award winning musicians, toured nationally, and sang his own original material on the coveted "Grand Ole Opry" Since then David has performed with acts like Malibu Storm, The Larkins, Corinne West, Dave Evans & Riverbend, Hit & Run Bluegrass, & his sister Jessica Lea Mayfield.

In 2006 David moved to Nashville, TN and instantly began touring with Country Star Andy Griggs. Playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, and singing high harmony vocals. During his time with Griggs, David appeared on The Grand Ole Opry several times, GAC's televised Fan Fest performance, giant arenas and stadiums, state fairs, casinos, and several of the of the country's largest country music festivals. Recently David joined the progressive acoustic group Cadillac Sky from Benbrook, TX. Cadillac sky was nominated Emerging artist of the year by the International Bluegrass Music Association, and has released two albums on Skaggs Family Records, a label founded by acoustic music legend Ricky Skaggs.

Jeff Ray - Bottleneck slide-guitar in the hands of a singer/songwriter. Jeff Ray’s innovation and passion make for a hard-driving, foot-stomping style of blues-inspired folk. Ray’s music has a quality that could only come from the merger of sounds from his two backgrounds, Minnesota and Memphis. He grew up in Minnesota and began playing the guitar at a young age, drawing inspiration from his days spent writing music deep in the Mississippi River valley. At age 17, he bought an old car and made his way down to Memphis to get schooled. He spent his days jamming with friends and his nights cuttin' heads on Beale Street. There he found his soul in music and made his way back to the Midwest to begin his extensive solo music career. His first CD was recorded in a run-down studio apartment in Madison, WI in 2001. The CD reflected a new-found style and inspiration from his travels, and paved the way for his powerful second release June Generation in 2004. Touring to support his latest CD release, Ray continues to draw more acclaim and has been asked to open and share stages with many of his muses like folk great Chris Smither and Piedmont blues pioneer Charlie Parr.

Rory Miller & Dale C. Miller - Florida-based Rory Miller plays an original high energy acoustic guitar style. Her voice is powerful and emotive, her lyrics surreal and evocative. Her songs are guaranteed to yank you from your daydreams and find out who is making that beautiful exciting sound. Ontonagon-based Dale C. Miller is a prolific songwriter who plays the guitar as if it were part of him. His songs range from the wacky to the personal, populated by quirky characters and images from daily life. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see this far-flung musical family united on stage.

Doris & the Day Dreams - Doris & the Day Dreams is a musical trio from the Chicago area that was originally formed in 2008. The group is comprised of former members of Buster's Dream, a quartet that began playing together in the late 90s and released an independent album in 2005. Each member of Doris & the Day Dreams has been influenced by their own unique musical influences, and together they offer an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary folk music, blues, jazz, swing and original compositions. The band members include Kathleen Ehrlich, who provides the vocal talent, as well as playing the concertina and various rhythm instruments. Linda Garrett plays acoustic guitar, banjo and sings backup vocals. Brad Fagala plays electric bass and acoustic guitar.

The Children of the Porcupine Mountains Music Festival - Each year the children attending the festival cap their festival experience with a Sunday afternoon performance on the Peace Hill Stage. This year the children will be performing 'A Little Bit of Riddim’ by Michael Franti and Spearhead with homemade instruments to celebrate the rhythm of music and will also do ‘Gotta Be Me’ by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. This song is all about being unique and quirky and loving yourself. We all know that the children are the future of music, enjoy and encourage their exuberant festival celebration. The seeds we plant today, may come to fruition on festival stages years from now.